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Poly Dist

Duo Bags a Green Grade from Braskem
19 September

International polymer distribution company Resin Trade has selected polythene bag manufacturer Duo UK to be the first UK-based manufacturer to produce mailing bags using Green PE, a thermoplastic resin made entirely from sugarcane ethanol.

Green PE has been developed by Braskem, the largest petrochemical producer in the Americas, which has recently signed a partnership with Resin Trade to distribute its goods in the UK and Ireland.

The move is the latest in a series of green investments at Duo UK and means the company can now offer its customers a product created from 100% renewable material, which is also 100% recyclable.

 “We’re seeing a strong increase in demand for green products, driven partly from our clients’ own corporate social responsibility policies and partly by clients reacting to their own customer demands.

What is particularly impressive about Green PE is its environmental credentials extend all the way down the production chain. Meanwhile, from a manufacturing point of view, we can use the same processes and machinery we use to create standard polythene products. It’s also a very versatile product, so while we see the online retail sector as a major buyer in the short term, there’s nothing to stop us exploring other applications in the future. ”

Anthony Brimelow, Commercial Director at Duo