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Poly Dist

Mick Royall hangs up his boots after 42 years
21 July

Selling grommets in 1973

He embarked in the rubber industry

After shaving wood and selling tiles

And driving many thousand miles


Then an ad in PRW said …..

“salesman needed” and so he fled

Joining Plastribution in ‘84

Which was a great idea for sure


In the 80’s he was in his prime

Selling polythene most of the time

Travelling to many places round the world

Making many friends as his career unfurled.


Joining Arto next in ‘91

The next career page had begun

‘til ’95 that was where he stayed

When he joined his friends at Resin Trade


Two years later came the chance to flee

Joining a Dutch firm called E&B

He stayed for 10 years making quite a name

Until the global crisis came….


To the disappointment of all concerned

It closed despite all the praise he’d earned

So at 60 years of age he feared

That his chance of work had disappeared


But at a meeting with his former boss

He said “forget your recent loss”

“Join us once again we’re growing fast”

And so was the final chapter cast


Back at Resin Trade he helped them grow

With all the amazing stuff he’d got to know

But now, more golf and gardening seem

To have taken over as his dream


So we should all say thanks and best of luck

To a man who sold many a truck

He will leave his many friends behind

“One of the best employees a boss could find”.


Good luck Mick,

Richard Bradwell