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Poly Dist


Polycarbonate ABS, a widely used thermoplastic.

- Grupo Repol

Polydist (UK) Ltd can offer Dinablend® compounds, which is the trademark for the Grupol Repol thermoplastic compounds based on PC blendings with ABS, PBT or PET. 

The feature combination of individual resins, as well as the addition of pigments, reinforcements or flame retardants make Dinablend® products the perfect choice for automotive, electrical and electronical sectors, although they are also widely used for furniture, industrial, building, sport and leisure areas of business… 

PC/ABS 4S10-0162 Dinablend Natural
PC/ABS 2S10 G20-4213 Dinablend 20% Glass Fibre - Black
PC/ABS 1S25 HI HHY-0084 Dinablend HIgh Impact Heat Stabilized Hydrolysis resistant - Natural
PC/ABS 4S20-4321 Dinablend Improved flow general purpose injection moulding - Black
PC/ABS 1S25 V0 UV-9003 V0 Halogen free UV Stabilized - White RAL 9003
PC/ABS 1S25 V0-3000 Dinablend V0 Halogen free - Red RAL 3000
PC/ABS 1S15V0-7035 Dinablend VO Halogen free - Grey RAL 7035
PC/ABS 1S15 C-0217 Dinablend Conductive Natural