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Poly Dist
Pluris / Specialities

Pluris / Specialities

Pluris specialities are blended polymers produced with Spherilene technology  with unique properties, such as high stiffness associated with toughness. It is easier to process than conventional LLDPE with the same melt index and shows very good bubble stability. Films obtained with this product have very low gel values. It contains processing aid, antioxidant, and antiblock additives. Its applications include: heavy-duty bags, liners, LDPE and HDPE blends, and packages for general use.

- Braskem

Pluris 9300 0.55 (190°C / 2.16kg) 0.919 / Blown Film
Pluris 9310 0.55 (190°C / 2.16kg) 0.920 / Blown Film
Pluris 6301 0.85 (190°C / 2.16kg) 0.919 / Blown Film